Dream IT: A Technology Based Grant Proposal for Transformative Learning

Welcome to my Dream IT project homepage! Here you will find a brief explanation of my Dream IT project.

The key problem I am seeking to address with my Dream IT project is my students’ level of engagement when it comes to literacy activities in the classroom. This past year I completed my first year of teaching in a first grade classroom, in East Lansing Public Schools. As a first year teacher, one of the biggest struggles and frustrations I continually encountered was engaging and motivating my students when it came to literacy related activities. At such a young age, it is very difficult for first graders to fully grasp the importance and implication of being literate. Our school district recently decided to adopt a core reading program for the upcoming academic year. With all the debate and controversy over basal reading programs, I have serious concerns about my incoming students’ level of engagement and motivation when it comes to the new reading program, as well as their overall literacy development.

Thus, it is my hope that through the integration of technologies such as the SMART Board, the SMART Response Clickers, MP3 players, and audio books, I can increase my students’ overall level of engagement during literacy activities, help them to take responsibility for their own literacy development, and aide them in their understanding of the long-term implications of being literate. All in all, I hope to foster a love of and appreciation for literacy within my students, and encourage them to be lifelong literacy learners.